NumberCalc History


In 1984 NumberCalc was Federally Copy-righted. The software was re-written in Basic on an IBM 8086 PC. I traveled the fair circuits throughout Western United States and Canada producing Numerology readings, for those that wanted insight into who they were and find out how to create harmony and balance in their lives.

Our research into relationships began during these circuits. With the common custom of the female in a relationship changing her name when getting married, we found the numerological calculations of most successful relationships had very little change to the birth name influences. We also found many occurrences of additional influences that assisted in the compatibility of the relationship. Alternatively we found that in most failed relationships, the name change created drastic differences with the birth name influence.

This can be explained by two people that were following their life paths meet, fall in love and get married. The woman changes her name and takes on a new set of influences. If these influences are not in compatibility with the birth influences, she then starts working in conflict and out of harmony with her birth life path. The woman is now projecting a new vibration that may or may not be in harmony with her spouse’s vibration. She may not be happy with this change in her, and her spouse may feel that she is no longer the person that he married.
This research prompted the creation of NumberCalc Relate software in 1988. This software analyzes the two people and provides an understanding of the influences affecting the relationship.
In late 1988 the software was created into a software package for professional numerologists. This was marketed through print media and distribution channels.

In 1992 the economy and the software industry took me in directions that did not allow me to work on this project. I took a 14 year hiatus from NumberCalc and its promotion.

In 2006 I commenced the re-write of NumberCalc from a DOS based application to an internet based application. This process took 8 years due to the limitations of internet development platforms. As more tools became available I was able to complete the first online version using Microsoft Net Framework. This application worked very well but was limited to operation only on a Microsoft server that most providers are leaving for Apache servers due to the cost and difficulty in maintaining. Alas it is now re-written into PHP that can run on any internet server.

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