Harmony & Balance

Understand numerology to create a harmonious life
Numerology uses mathematical formulas derived from arcane studies and research throughout the centuries that present you with definitions of the paths you will be traveling in this life’s journey. Pythagoras of Samos’s (c. 570 – c. 495 BC’s) research into numbers and harmony set the foundation to modern day numerology. The word “numerology” was not recorded in the English language prior to 1907.
Pythagoras was credited with the foundation of the Pythagorean movement. The Pythagoreans studied and understood that all letters had an equivalent numeric integer value. Calculations were performed using these values to determine the energies and vibrational influences of words or names. The letters of your name each have an equivalent numerical value. Your name consists of a number of letters/values. I will refer to this as your personal chord. As in music, your chord will vibrate to the sum of its individual notes. The word or name when spoken produces a vibratory pattern. This pattern may affect people including the speaker.
Another branch of the Pythagorean’s (in particular Philolaus and Archytas) of ancient Greece were the first researchers known to have investigated music in terms of numerical ratios, in particular the relationship to small integers. Their central doctrine was that “all nature consists of harmony arising out of numbers”.
From the time of Plato, harmony was considered a fundamental branch of physics, now known as musical acoustics. Early Indian and Chinese theorists show similar approaches: all sought to show that the mathematical laws of harmonics and rhythms were fundamental not only to our understanding of the world but to human well-being. Confucius, like Pythagoras, regarded the small numbers 1,2,3,4 as the source of all perfection.
With numerology you can use your chord to create harmony
Joining these two studies, it is my hypothesis that your birth name is your primary chord (what you are here to accomplish this life). In music there are no bad chords, in numerology there are no bad names. The objective of music is to understand the influences of the chord and how it interacts with other chords and notes. As anyone who has played music knows, a miss-used chord can sound horrid. The study of numerology will help you understand how to use your primary chord to work in harmony with all that influence your life.

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